GACO Great & Awesome Services

  • Tanks Structure (body)

    Gas tank which comes in different capacities having vertical / horizontal design and (1000, 1750 and 5000) liters water capacity with protective cover 5cm thickness H.D.P.E. high density polyethylene to protect tank from corrosion or any physical damage or impact.

    Tank cover

    Reinforce plastic or steel covers that cover the tank. The cover shall underground tank installation table be at ground surface flushed or recessed as per the client demands and include coppers valve that open at differential pressure 2 PSI to release valve case of any leak.

    Protection Mesh

    Plastic mesh having phosphoric color, horizontally mounted after having buried the tank at 10 cm depth from the ground surface to prevent any future mistakenly excavation at site.

    Site Survey

    Site surveys are an essential part of understanding customer location, safety requirements and tank capacity.

  • Installation of Tanks

    We provide tank fitting services. We guide our customer to select a tank that best suit the requirement. Our devoted team of technicians delivers the tank at customer location along with the required spare parts.


    We provide tank maintenance services to our valued customers along with replacement of spare parts.

GASCO Great & Awesome Features

We provide services in the following areas:


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General Advantages

1- Safety:

• Safety valve for each tank.

• Mounted in suitable location in accordance with specific standards and specifications.

• Selection of suitable location of the tank, in site filling which provide more safety features.

2- Comfort-ability:

• Provision of non-stop gas for longer periods that reaches one year in accordance with the tank size and client’s consumption rates.

3- Design:

In accordance with international standard and specifications.

4- Provision of gauge:

That indicates the available gas in the tank to avoid sudden depletion of the gas.

Companyprovided advantages

1- Kingdom-Wide Spread branches

2- Marketing and sales team that cater subscribers’ requirements.

3- Dedicated department for tank installation which include:

• Qualified technical crew

• Equipped and dedicated vehicles

• Tanks’ spare parts. • Apartment gas gauges

• Qualified emergency crew for emergency and contingency situations.

4- Tank filling department which include:

- Qualified crew that implement subscribers applications

- Equipped vehicles to fill tanks all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.