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Information for shareholders
Disclaimer for all shareholders of listed on the Saudi Stock Market companies

Todd Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) note to all shareholders in listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange of share certificates that have not been deposited in the investment portfolios of the importance of carrying out the deposit that their certificates in their portfolios to achieve it benefits from many advantages, including: - Campaign companies

· Direct deposit of cash dividends if distributed by contributing to the bank account of the investor companies.
· Obtain distributions in kind of shares (grants, retail, corporate mergers) through direct deposit into the investor's investment portfolio.
· The possibility of subscribing to the rights issue priority through all available channels (ATM, World Wide Web (Internet), phone banking).
· Inform the investor of all his estates in securities deposited with the trading and allowing electronic voting easily and conveniently through Trades site: www.tadawulaty.tadawul.com.sa
· The ability to trade and facilitate mortgage equity.

It has traded in coordination and cooperation with the Capital Market Authority and companies to contribute to facilitate the procedures for certificates of deposit in investment portfolios and provide the ability to search for the owners of certificates through the website of Trades: www.tadawulaty.tadawul.com.sa

For more information, mechanisms and methods of deposit certificates You can contact us on: -

· Phone: 012189090
· Fax: 012189393
· E-mail: demat@tadawul.com.sa
· Visit the headquarters of the trading in the city of Riyadh (King Fahd Road - Cooperative Towers - North Tower - the ground floor).
· Contact us at the following address: Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), the Securities Depository Center, PO Box 60 612, Riyadh 11555, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.