Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be the leading gas solutions provider in the region, driving industry growth and innovation


Our Mission

Who we are:
We deliver safe, reliable and high-quality gas solutions to our customers, create sustainable value for our shareholders, take care of the environment and community, contribute to our nation’s economy while providing a healthy working environment for our employees.

What we stand for:
We rely on our unique capabilities and resources, effective processes, superior talent and relentless focus on our customers to be at the forefront of our industry. We firmly believe in developing the sector through strong partnerships in a fair competitive environment.

What we value:


  What it means for GASCO



Our first and foremost product is safety. We do not compromise on the safety of our people, our customers and the environment around us at all times through the vigilance and proper adherence to procedure.



We take pride in focusing on serving our customers by anticipating their needs and acting in their interest. We deliver high quality, reliable service with a smile.



We outperform ourselves in every task. We rely on our processes to deliver high-quality products and services. That is the GASCO way!



We continuously find new ways to bring value to those around us, improving the way we serve our customers. We find ways to improve and enhance the quality of our operations efficiently and effectively.



We achieve more by collaborating with each other. Through cooperation, every challenge we face will become easier to overcome.



We are passionate about what we do. We commit and take full responsibility for the results of our work, and take the initiative to always do the right things.



We believe in trust; fair dealings; respect for others; building and nurturing relationships for the long-term; standing up against misconduct.