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Legal Information:

National Gas and Industrialization Company (GASCO) owns and manages this website. By using this website you consent to GASCO's terms of use. Please read the following terms thoroughly before using the website. GASCO have the right to amend these terms as needed, at any time, and without giving a prior notice.

All the contents of this website such as information, programs and components, including but not limited to, pages headlines, drawings tailored for the website, slogans, sounds, pictures, icons, names, and trademarks, are fully protected in accordance with Saudi Copyrights Laws, Anti-Cybercrime Law, Trademark Law, and all laws applicable in KSA. Copyrights for content of this website are licensed and owned by GASCO. All drawings, pictures, and files on the website are protected by copyrights and may not be amended or manipulated in any manner.

In case of any use, publication, or benefit from any part of the content, it shall be clearly stated that all copyright are reserved to GASCO.


In order to be able to access some of the provided services, registration on the website is required. Upon registration, user undertakes that all the information provided is true, complete and accurate. Users are responsible for updating their personal information in case of any change. We shall collect contact information (such as name/ email/ contact information), and it shall be used to provide the best service.

GASCO has the right to cancel your registration on its website(s) for any given reason, including inactivity and violation of the terms and conditions of use. GASCO can also terminate this agreement at any time, without serving a prior notice, and for any given reason.


GASCO always makes sure that all data and material presented on the website are as true and comprehensive as possible. The information contained in this website is general and for public use. In no event will GASCO be liable for any mistakes or omission that may occur in the content of this website. GASCO seeks to constantly update the content; however, published data may not contain the latest updates. Hence, it is highly important to directly contact GASCO for updates on the current position.

GASCO disclaims its responsibility towards any claims, losses of any sort resulting from using data or materials available on this website, whether directly or indirectly, illegitimate access or otherwise (only to the extent permitted by the law). Accordingly, you hereby undertake that you would not take any action against GASCO's website or activities, employees, or agents responsible for managing, maintaining, and updating the website, as a result of any commitments and responsibilities emerging in relation to any claim arising out of any act of breach on your part to the terms and conditions of use or any laws applicable in the KSA or your place of residency.

Links to other websites:

This website contains links to other websites that are not affiliated to GASCO. GASCO does not hold any liability for any content available on these websites.

The user shall have full responsibility against any risks arising out of navigating these websites through the links available on our website. This website may contain links to websites and portals that use methods to protect information and privacy that are different from the ones used on this website. Therefore, we are not responsible for the content, protection methods, and privacy of the other websites. We hereby advise you to refer back to the terms and conditions of use on these websites.

Reminders (Cookies):

The server of this website automatically collects visitors' IP Addresses when visiting GASCO's website. IP addresses are used to help diagnose problems in the server and making statistics about using the website. GASCO's website uses reminders techniques known as “Cookies", which are an online information the website puts on a hard drive to help visitors use the website and keep records of their visits. This technique helps the user easily navigate the website. If needed, it could be used to save passwords, in order to facilitate and accelerate access to some websites. Refusing to save cookies on the hard drive does not prevent the visitor from accessing GASCO's website; it only delays navigation.


GASCO exerts great efforts to examine and test the content of its website in all stages of production. We hereby advise you to always run an antivirus software for all material downloaded from the website. GASCO is not liable for any loss, interruption, or damage to your data or computer when accessing the website or using one of its materials. Users may not violate or attempt to violate the security of the website, including but not limited to: (A) Unauthorized access to information, (B) Attempt to intervene with the services provided to any user, host, or network by planting a virus, increasing pressure, loading the website spams, sending email bombs or deactivating the website, (C) Sending spams, including promotional emails and/ or product or service ads, and (D) forging the IP Address or any of the address information in any email.

Violating the system's or the network's security may lead to prosecuting the user under civil or criminal liability.

GASCO shall keep the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data collected, and may not disclose that information unless required by law or in accordance with applicable regulations, such as GASCO's copyrights protection regulations. 


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